Autumn foraging & wild food cooking day

Lisa Cutliffe - look what we have for lunch 

Join wild food specialist Lisa Cutcliffe of Edulis for a full-on day of foraging and cooking with our finds, plus a vibrant lunch full of wild goodness and inspiration for using foraged foods in your everyday meals.

It’s a day of two halves – in the morning, we’ll go on a foraging expedition to gather ingredients for our recipes. We’ll introduce you to wild foods available in May and show you just how many wonderful nutritious and delicious ingredients grow right on our doorstep!

Then back at the cooking school, we’ll have a light lunch together, then we’ll prepare recipes using our foraged finds, as well as plenty of other interesting plants, fungi and seaweeds from nature’s larder Lisa will bring along for you to play with and taste.

Goat's cheese3

Then back at the cooking school, we’ll learn how to prepare sweet and savoury dishes using our foraged finds as well as other interesting plants, fungi and seaweeds from nature’s larder. Learn to make fresh hand-made cheese (see picture above), butter a wild meat or vegetarian pie and a desert. We’ll end the day with fragrant foraged teas and tasting our culinary creations. You can also take your delicious wild dishes home for dinner!

Please note their will be some changes/updates to the plan of this day shortly to fit in with the season.



What we'll make

The exact menu for the day will be decided nearer the time. To give you an idea here’s some example recipes from previous & planned courses:

  • fresh hand-made cheeses, made from scratch with goat’s milk, flavoured with foraged greens and decorated with edible leaves & flowers
  • raised pies using wild herbs & spices, foraged flours and your choice of wild fillings such as game, wild mushrooms and seasonal vegetables
  • double-ended forager’s pasties, savoury one end, sweet the other, made with your choice of foraged fillings, such as game, wild mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, damsons/blackberries/elderberries & cloveroot, strawberries & elderflower, apple & hogweed seeds, Japanese knotweed & sweet cicely
  • forager’s frittatas with foraged greens, sea vegetables, wild mushrooms with organic waxy potatoes and local free-range farm eggs

The menu will be suitable for vegetarians, as well as people who enjoy wild meats (such as venison, pheasant, wood pigeon, rabbit) for each recipe there will be a choice to include meats or not.


What will I learn?

  • It’s our hope you’ll come away from this course:
    • inspired by wild food and new flavours
    • feeling confident to identify a few key wild ingredients you can collect for yourself, and
    • having step-by-step, adaptable recipes to start using them in.

    Free, organic, nutritious, local, seasonal food at its best!

What do I need to bring?

  • 2-3 large/deep plastic food containers (to take home your culinary creations!) or several smaller ones, deep ones are better than shallow ‘take-away’ type ones or things may get squashed
  • suitable outdoor clothes and footwear for a walk in the woods (it may be muddy)
  • a notebook, pen, and camera if you like (as we’ll cover quite a lot of species and information about wild foods and recipes throughout the day and you may wish to refer back to your notes later)
  • a few zip bags in case you wish to collect some extra ingredients for yourself on the walk
  • a drink to keep you hydrated, and any snacks if you light get peckish
  • thin gardening gloves are useful as we may pick nettles etc
  • kitchen-type scissors are useful too if they’re handy and not too pointy (safety first!)
  • a small bag or rucksack for all the bits, and for your waterproof etc perhaps

More about foraging & testimonials

Our morning forage on the cooking day Sunday 7 May is mainly to learn how to positively identify and collect specific ingredients for our recipes in the afternoon.

If you wish to have a broader introduction to all wild foods and foraging, Lisa’s also running a longer (5-hour) foraging course in the Leeds area on Saturday 6 May, the day before the cooking class, covering far more species and going into greater depth on the abundance of wild wonders spring brings us, even in the heart of the city.

So if you fancy making an immersive weekend of it, you could consider doing both days!

For more information on Lisa full foraging day courses, and booking instructions, visit


Writer Jen Chillingsworth of littlebirdie describes her experience on Lisa’s forage & cook day last July along with some of her beautiful photographs: