Healthy Eating


You will really nourishing yourself with a day of cooking using different ingredients known to improve your wellbeing. An exciting innovation where Emily Carey of Get Cooking and Liz Cooper of Yorkshire Nutrition (Registered Nutritional Therapist, MSc) are joining forces. Liz will discuss nutritional matters with you and Emily will lead you in making a number of delicious and nutritional dishes, salads and snacks that you can taste and take away and then easily recreate in your own kitchen.

The menu is carefully designed to include high protein dishes that especially appeal in summer including salads, frittatas and omelettes to make sure that you really do get the most out of this event. Liz will be ensuring you get advice about the nutritional content of the dishes and with some healthy eating tips generally whether you have a specific goal or just like the idea of improving your overall wellbeing.

This course will be amended a little for seasonal/ autumn dishes in the next few days. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Who this one-day course is good for

  • This day course is perfect for those who:
  • would like to increase energy levels
  • would like to get in shape or improve health
  • would like new ideas and inspiration on cooking healthy meals

The plan for the day

  • The plan of your day
    • 10.00 am You’ll be met by Emily & Adele and start the day with herbal teas and home-made cordials


    • 10.10 am  A cooking session where you will be making three different but fairly simple salads: Baby Spinach, Bresaola, Apple and Nut; Feta and Puy Lentil; and Panzanella (Italian rustic salad)
    • 11.30 am You will learn the secret of making really tasty omelettes and frittatas . You be will split into two groups to each a frittata /omelette of your choice. Liz Cooper will be joining us around 11.30am and will be available for any questions /discussion until 1.30pm.
    • 12.30pm You will sit down to enjoy some of the dishes you have created in the morning.
    • 1.15pm A cooking session where you will make Turkey and chicken meatballs.


    • 2.30-3pm Emily will be demonstrating a couple of different healthy snacks that you can make, fundamental to a healthy diet.

             3.30/4pm Finish

    Please note that some of these dishes may be subject to some small changes.



Nutritional advice you will receive


  • Tips and advice on structuring meals
  • Healthy meal ideas
  • Advice on healthy portion sizes
  • Advice on how to cook in a healthier way

What you will need

Please bring with you a number of good sized plastic boxes so you can take away any food you create.